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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  February 17, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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surprised by his girlfriend, startled and accidentally shot and killed her. now, there are more details leaked through the press, that they didn't call the cops until a few hours after the fact. there was a bloody cricket bat that was found as evidence and going to play out for a trial for bail and tuesday and wednesday and see how it plays out, but the south african star, monster international athlete will be on trial. very interesting. >> the nba all-star game kicked off last night. and i watched it. >> it was fun. >> yeah, won the dunk contest and irving from the cleveland cavaliers, the three-point shootout and tonight is the all-star game. east versus west and so happens it takes place on michael jordan's 50th birthday. >> is that right? >> 50th. >> he looks good. >> he does. >> harris: and you always look good, too. >> not quite 50. >> harris: you're not even 30. >> good to see you. >> harris: let's do fox fast forward now and looking ahead
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to stories this week. tomorrow is president's day, all federal, state and local government buildings will be closed as well as financial markets and schools. most banks shut down as well and there will be no mail delivery. tuesday, blade runner, oscar pistorius which we were just talking about now will be back in court for a bail hearing and the girlfriend he's accused of murdering will be laid to rest on that very same day. we're watching all of this for you and plus any news that breaks you want it to keep on fox. that's how fox reports on this sunday, february 17th, 2013, i'm so glad you're with us tonight. thanks for being here, have a fabulous week and in about nine seconds, huckabee >> tonight on huckabee, a paradise cruise turned hell on the high seas. >> cabins flooded ankle deep in sewage, it was a mess. >> passengers relive a
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birthday celebration that became a nightmare vacation. and-- >> we were counting on all of you, the legitimate news media to cover these discussions. >> the vice-president asks his pals in the media to help his gun control cause. >> plus. >> i will direct my cabinet to come up with executive actions we can take now and in the future. >> more executive orders in obama's second term? and how will israel react to the president's trip there next month. the governor is in israel to find out. ♪ welcome to huckabee. we're coming to you from tiberius in israel. thanks to my israeli crew and those folks back in new york to make it it happen. i've lost track of how many times i've been to israel. it's over 20, i think. but i know why i keep coming back. i know how i felt when i came here 40 years ago this summer
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when i was all of 18. the israelites spent 40 years in the wilderness under moses and the past 40 years haven't been in the wilderness, for the tiny speck of real estate about the size of new jersey. i've watched the dry bones coming to life and watched the desolate and barren desert bloom with lush vegetation and tall trees and marveled to see a tiny besieged nation, barely able to equip soldiers with uniforms and weapon to be an economic weapon of high-tech innovation, a center of worldclass medical care, energy exploration and educational excellence and an oasis of fro speech, with the exception of jordan, dictators, terrorists and the mad dogs and malicious mayhem surround this country, while
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israel created a true and modern democracy and given its women the opportunity not only to vote, but to lead, the radical islamic nations around it have sanctioned so-called honor killings of wives and daughters and slaughter of their own citizens who dare to speak up for freedom and thought and the glorification into those deceived into believing, strap it on so it can kill others babies. president obama is going to finally come to israel next month. i sure wish i he would let me show him around. i've brought people here to show them the israel i love and respect. i kind of fear his tour is coordinated by some of the same naive politicians who think we need to lecture them for land that god deeded to them long before obama was
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born and never heard of the six day war. instead our president needs to come and express his solidarity with a nation that's never been our enemy, but stood with us against those who had trained, supported, financed and applauded the deranged religious fanatics who flew airplanes into the twin towers and pentagon, who murdered 14 people at fort hood and shamelessly shot soldiers in little rock and planted ied's on the road sides in afghanistan to kill those who wore our flag on their soldiers. i've got a hard time convincing some americans it does matter to having our friends and-- israel is the only nation in the middle east who mirrors our core values of freedom and responsibility of the equality of human beings, the value of education and power of dissent even with one's own government
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and the right of the people to change their government without ballots-- with ballots, rather instead of bullets and bombs. and the president could do the country and in fact the world a favor by withdrawing the nomination of chuck hagel for defense secretary. a man who is so utterly and ignorant of the real enemy that we face that he believes that iran can be trusted and israel can't. he'd be better suited for taking tickets at yellow stone than the placement of our military assets to defend against threats. i hope you'll call and e-mail your senator, urge him or her to use a little common sense. and while acknowledging that the president has the privilege to name his team. he does not have the right to put people on his team, who betrayed the trust of the american people and our friends in the real world. that's my view. [applause]. well, most of the over 4,000
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persons who are aboard the carnival triumph cruise ship are on the way home or on their way home. and it's going to be a long time before they forget their ordeal. >> more than 4,000 people are stuck on a cruise ship dead in the water. a fire in the engine room knocked out power. >> and crying and stuff and said they had no power, they had no running water. they have no way to use the bathroom. >> food is running out and people are sleeping in tents on the ship's decks. >> she wasn't able to tell me much, but want today come home and come get her, come get her. and i couldn't of course. >> tug boats brought them in slowly. and a setback when one of the toe lines broke. >> she says the conditions are terrible. they had water, but it was brown water and it's just been an awful trip, awful trip. >> this is a fox news alert at any minute now, that disabled
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cruise ship, carnival triumph is expected to finally arrive at an alabama port. >> it wasn't a vacation anymore, it was like survival mode and got really smelly and bad. >> and i'm just happy to be home. >> all right. joining me now from san antonio, texas, brenda and her daughter-in-law, mercedes perez decolon who got home after being stranded on the cruise. brenda, when did you know something was terribly wrong with the cruise that you were hoping to have a great time on? >> it was on sunday morning, an alarm, well, they did an announcement calling for alpha team and it was 5:30 in the morning and that's what we woke up to and at first i disregarded it and it wasn't until panics, panicked voice knocked on our door and said,
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life jackets, life jackets. fire and we jumped out of our bed and ran out. when we opened the door, we saw smoke and soon after that we could smell it, very terrifying. >> mike: that sounds incredibly horrifying. mercedes, you and 31 of your family members were on this cruise. did you ever imagine this was going to be what the cruise would end up being? >> absolutely not. we were there to have fun, celebrate my birthday. we were enjoying every single minute of our, you know, of our adventure, our family together, it was something we had been looking forward to, and we were just enjoying ourselves. and then, that moment happened and it was really terrifying, especially for me, because you know, i brought awe all of these people on board and you know, what if something happened, just it's my fault because they're here and i felt like i needed to make
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sure that they were all out of their rooms, and so i was just hoping to checking to see everybody out, out, please, go, go. and you know, i kind of waited until i saw that everybody was really leaving their rooms and then they announced that it's okay, you don't have to go to the muster station, go back to your rooms, go back to your room, it's okay. we will let you know. we'll keep you informed. and so we looked at each other and went back down to our rooms and began to wait. at that point it was just a matter of waiting to know what was happening-- what really had happened and what was going to happen next. and the power went out. so there was no he light in some of the rooms. we had natural light coming through our port window, but that was, that was all that we had at that point. >> now, brenda, i want to ask you about the cruise ship crew. you know, a lot of people have
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been quoted as saying, it was a disaster and a mess, but tell me how do you feel like they performed when all of this was going down? >> you know, at first, it was really frustrating not knowing anything. we were waiting for hours and hours and they were saying that they were waiting for the engine to school in order to assess it and for me that was the most frustrating part. it was just waiting and waiting and not knowing. once we knew we weren't going to be getting out of there anytime soon, the crew was wonderful, they did anything they could do to help us. they would do it. you know, they were in constant-- constantly checking up on us. and whenever they were able to restore power and comedy shows, they did comedy shows and played movies for people, trivia games and scavenger hunts for the kids on board. so they did wonderful. >> mike: so, mercedes this was your big birthday celebration
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and it was supposed to be a lot of fun. did you feel like you were on a rerun of gilligan's island or ruin your birthday. >> he yes, it ruined my burt day somewhat, but in the the end the best birthday was the fact we were able to get off that boat aleve, safely, togethsafely,-- alive safely together. we had no injuries to any of our party. we were taken care of. my cousin was taken off the boat to get dialysis and that was enormous rescue by the coast guard and my brother-in-law. and six men carried him up the stairs out of his room so he could be in a safer place. we were well-taken care of and really that's the best birthday gift. he we were together as a
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family and we made it out together and we've had a lot of trust and faith and able to come out of it okay in terms of being, you know, safe and sou sound. >> mike: brenda, i have to ask you, have you got a cruise planned or already scheduled for anytime soon? >> (laughter) no, not anytime soon, but i think, i think i'll do it just not next month or anything like that. >> mike: i think everybody would understand why you wanted a little time off, but i appreciate your giving praise to the crew and the way they tried to handle it. brenda and murray mer thank you very much for being with us. well, as we look forward to the president's trip here, back home he threatened to make more executive orders in his state of the union address last tuesday. what's his greatest performance on the report card? that's next. and kept turning the page, writing the next chapter for the rx and lexus.
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address on >> during the state of the union address on tuesday night,well, the president urged congress to do more than combat climate change or else. >> if congress won't act soon to protect future generations, i will. i will direct -- i will direct my cabinet to come up with executive actions that we can take now on in the future to reduce pollution, prepare our communities for the consequences of climate change and speed the transition to more sustainable sources of energy. >> all right, once again, the president says he's going to deal with an issue by taking action into his own hands and joining to give him a grade on the report card. kelly ann conway, editor of love the and here with me in israel, country star and political commentator larry gatlin. [applause]. larry, let me describe to you, the president says he just doesn't want to wait for
5:18 pm
congress to come around and do something, he'll act on his own. how do you rate the president for this unilateral action on his part. >> our dear friend art laffer has the curve and i have the gatlin curve. back in november, 48% of people who voted, voted for congressman, senators, representatives to go to washington and make sure to see to it that president obama, the 44th, did not become king barack the first. he calls that obstructionism. the constitution calls it separation of powers. he calls that political demagoguery, i call it governance at the consent of the government. so, i personally. abcdef, i don't do that, it's a little different, my scale. i narrowed it down i'm going to give him a b-d which stands for bovine droppings.
5:19 pm
>> mike: i don't know what that means, larry. and let's go to helen from above the and what do you grade the president? >> i'm going to give him an a, look, it bothers president obama does something against the will of prime minister boehner and mccain. we have an article 2 in the constitution, article 2 in the constitution gives him the power to do, you know, something. right? >> yeah, something indeed, but, but kelly ann, let me ask you, is the something he gets to do is to act without regard to two other branches of government that are equal to the president in power? >> that's the chief concern here, governor. is that this president has had a track record, four years plus now trampling on federalism. he disrespects it or disavows it or doesn't understand it. we have checks and balances in our democracy for a reason. if he wants to try to get the
5:20 pm
congress to introduce legislation, you know harry reid will do whatever he wants in the senate and he ought to do that. but the reason he's saying this actually, it's certainly a stop to the left and thanking them for the vote in the election and doesn't realize an important thing, 62 million people voted against him and because they're concerned about this and he himself did very little. a lot of news reports that he thinks his greatest failing in his first term is a lack of action on climate change and he spoke little about it on the campaign trail because he knows the way americans feel about that. they're not for 2 billion more dollars to go to green energy projects, new committee called the energy security trust. we already have great green initiatives in the private sector and things are working. if you tell the public, give them the action between hugging a tree and hugging a wallet, the wallet always wins and be careful. >> and we're aware that the president got more votes than the people who voted against the president. this is a situation where the climate change issue is a
5:21 pm
clear and present danger to the united states of america. if the president doesn't act, history will condemn him. >> where was he for four years. >> mike: let's take another topic here. the president has made a lot of of promises in his first term and a bunch more in his second term. a lot of them deal with what he used to call shovel-ready project and they're now called fix it first projects. and larry gatlin, how well did it work the first time. do you give the president another grade on the gatlin can you ever. >> b-d. for those who believe that keynesian, central planning, taxpayer funded projects and infrastructure and all of these urban -- for those who still believe that after all of these years, three words for them. robert w byrd. when he was elected to congress in 1953, i think it was, the great state of west virginia was ranked 47th
5:22 pm
economically, we only had 48 states at that time. next to the last. after almost a half a billion dollars, which in today's dollars is almost half a trillion, they went to 50th. they added another state so they could be last instead of next to last. so, you know, that's kind of like two ole boys in georgia, bought them a truck and selling watermelon. went to georgia, bought them for 50 cents apiece and went back to atlanta and sold them for 50 cents apiece and said dear lord, we need a bigger truck. give him a b-d. >> the audience likes what larry is saying. >> we were talking about climate change and seems to me that anybody in the northeast just lost power because it rains or snows in the northeast, has to free that your infrastructure needs fixing, so, yes, we need more of the same policies to
5:23 pm
rebuild america until america is rebuilt. i mean, there's no question here that our infrastructure right now, our roads and bridges are not working and unless we want roads and bridges brought to us by bur berkshire hathaway. >> and the gas tax, when everybody fills up their tanks is meant to go to our roads and bridges and you're trying to use the hurricane, and the locusts and the floods to scare people that-- >> the locusts are coming? >> and listen to the president's state of the union that somehow the president needs to come down and do what con edison can't seem to do here in new york city. it's a serious point. the president is on the wrong side of public opinion. fox news poll 73% of americans believe less spending. >> as opposed to more spending
5:24 pm
spurring the economy. >> mike: thank you for being part of the family today. great job. president obama is scheduled to take his first trip as president to israel next month and what obama has to do to satisfy the people of israel. stay with us. . >> i'd like to hear from you, go to my tell me what you think. or sign my facebook page and follow me on twitter. you can mind that and more on [ female announcer ] caltrate's done even more to move us. because vitamin d3 helps bones absorb calcium, caltrate's double the d. it now has more than any other brand to help maximize calcium absorption. so caltrate women can move the world.
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>> in >> in 2009. the beginning of his first term in office, the president toured the middle east and europe. apologizing for the actions of the previous administration and america's policies toward the arab world.
5:28 pm
>> there have been times where americans have shown arrogance and been dismissive, even derid derisive. some of these issues we don't always know all of the factors involved. >> would i like to think with my he election and the early decisions that we've made that you're starting to see some restoration of america's standing in the world. >> mike: four years later the president has finally decided that it's time to pay a visit to our only reliable ally in the region. how is he going to be received here in israel? joining me a former knesset member, eaton, a war hero in israel and a distinguished guest. general, it's great to have you here and thank you for coming. [applause] four years ago the president started his first term with an apology tour of
5:29 pm
arab nations and now he's going to begin his second term with his first visit to israel as president. what do you see as the significance and what do you anticipate for his visit? >> i think that the president realized that the middle east has been so dramatically changed and as you've mentioned twice, israel remain the only reliable ally and common values as far as democracy and you know, these values that you have mentioned about freedom of speech, et cetera. so i think that maybe president obama is coming to reestablish in a way, reassess his middle east policy very much as a result of these dramatic changes and let's just remind the viewers and
5:30 pm
the audience how dramatically this region has been changed. nobody knows what will having in egypt. all of those who had dreams of arab spring and shows some signs of embryo democracy coming. >> mike: how did it work out? the whole arab spring thing was supposed to bring all of this liberty and freedom. >> does that work? >> we see those regimes are replaced by blood and fire, and even more radical and more fanatic regimes and groups. so, egypt, we don't know yet what will happen in syria, we're very concerned about the ability of jordan and tried to imagine what happened if jordan will pass through this arab spring while the radical islam group this with dominate a state which has the longest border with israel. so, what obama needs he to do
5:31 pm
in this visit is not to come with any plans, with any ideas of forcing israel to do something, but just listening. listening to what we say both, it's in the street, as well as the decision makers here, because we live here. and because we understand the nature of this region better than anybody else, and because we were so many, many times right about, about some-- about some problems which are around the corner. >> so talk about though the president coming to listen and that's not been our experience, that he's as much a listener as he is a speaker, and he and the prime minister of israel, prime minister netanyahu, you know, reportedly have, you know, not had the most warm relationship. do you hope and think and even believe that part of the visit
5:32 pm
is to bring a new depth of the understanding between these two leaders who need to be able to communicate? >> i want to believe because it's so much, first of all, necessary. it's necessary that america and israel, we join hands and we'll be able to admit that the world, especially the region, is not what some people may be their first term in the white house, are-- thought it would be. so first i think the president needs to come here with the courage to open his eyes and to reassess. we don't need -- we don't need any apology for mistakes that have been done, but we need an understanding that in the white house and these administration of obama in his second term is more mature, more realistic and more committed to the results and to the consequences of its policy.
5:33 pm
>> mike: general, it's a pleasure to have you here. >> thank you. >> mike: extraordinary service to the world. god bless you. all right, as the lovebirds across the globe celebrated valentine's day, on thursday, the mainstream media's love affair with the obama administration has reached a point in the relationship where the vice-president is asking journalists to help him pass his gun control agenda. my reaction to that and other noteables and quoteables when we return. everyone's hair breaks. dare to see the difference with pantene anti-breakage. reduces hair fall up to 97%. get less hair fall. ♪ i took the dare. will you? anti-breakage. pantene.
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>> live from america's news headquarters, i'm harris falkner. pope benedict xvi making his first public appearance since shocking catholics around the world with the decision to retire at the end of the month and benedict blessing 100,000 faithful gathered at st. peter's square. the first pontiff to step down in a hundred years. and the conclave for choosing his replacement could be moved
5:37 pm
up. new information on oscar pistorius and his claim that he fatally shot his girlfriend by accident. police found a bloody cricket bat at the scene and that the story of the supermodel girlfriend reeva steenkamp had a crushed skull in addition to four bullet wounds and the charges of premeditated murder has a bail hearing tuesday and her funeral is set for that same day. i'm harris falkner, now, let's get you back to huckabee. >> mike: last week we showed you how vice-president joe biden promoted his gun control policies during his trip it france and this week, he's back to pushing banning assault weapons in the states and on monday in philadelphia he asked his friends in the media for a little help. >> we were counting on all of you, the legitimate news media to cover these discussions because the truth is that times have changed. >> mike: the legitimate news media, so the vice-president
5:38 pm
says. i wonder what he had in mind? i'm sure he meant, fox news channel. okay, so he didn't. look, here is the point: the press was always intended to be the watch dog of american government, never the overfed lap dog of american government, which is exactly what it has become in trying to do everything possible to make the obama administration look good so that the vice-president of the united states, instead of putting himself at arm's length, gives them a great big hug and calls them his friends. that's now how it's supposed to work. all right, next, supreme court justices usually attend the state of the union. this year, three justices, clarence thomas, samuel alito and anthony sclalia were no-shows. and justice scalia said it's turned into a childish spectacle. i don't want be there to lend
5:39 pm
dignity to it. that's why i like justice scalia so very much. he's just a straight forward guy and here is a personal story. a few years ago, the supreme court justice came down to arkansas and we spent time out in the woods duck hunting. a couple of things i learned about him, first of all, a good shot and second of all, as plains spoke and person as is on the bench and i wish we had more people who would say what they think, and mean what they say and thank you, justice for telling it like it is. next, pope benedict xvi shocked the catholic church and the rest of the world when i made this announcement early this week. >> after having repeatedly examined my conscience before god i have come to the certainty that my strength, due to an advanced age, are no longer suited to an adequate
5:40 pm
exercise of the ministry. >> mike: it was a remarkable announcement. the first pope in over 600 years to actually step aside, instead of leaving the papacy at the point of death. i want to say, thank you, pope benedict xvi, and the reason why, as i would say thanks to your predecessor, pope john paul ii, this is one evangelical, not a catholic, who has appreciated the firm convictions of the catholic church and the popes who decided the purpose of church was not to be a mere thermometer reflecting the culture of whatever the world happens to believe in a given moment, but rather believes that the church is to be the thermostat that can lead the culture that is prevalent in the world, but whose purpose is to adjust the temperature of the culture to what it ought to be. and for that, i say thank you
5:41 pm
for faithful service to the bible and to the traditions of god's people. that's a good thing. well, scientists say that the meteor that streaked across the sky on russia friday morning exploded with the force equivalent to the power of an atomic bomb. maybe the shock of the blast, not the leader of the liberal democratic party of russia completely silly. he said those aren't meteorites falling, it's the americans trying out a new weapon. (laughter) >> really? i think he must think we have a great big bubble gum machine we're going to fire on russia next. how people can get elected to public office with views like that is beyond me. and then i look at our own congress and realize, russia is not alone. [applause] >> all right, coming up, a lunatic ex-cop goes on a killing spree, but so-called legitimate news outlets try to justify his reasons. [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check?
5:42 pm
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>> each weekday hear my daily commentary, the huckabee report details at before he died in the aftermath of the showdown with police in a mountain cabin and allegedly going on a murderous spree that killed four people. former lapd officer christopher dorner left a manifesto full of left leani leaning, and several media
5:46 pm
outlets tried to see justification for his rampage. joining me is david of the washington examiner and the author of the book "spin masters how the media ignored the news and helped reelect barack obama", and i want today begin with the interesting issue that happened over chris dorner in california. i don't know that i've seen the media try to make an excuse for cold blooded murder of innocent people. >> for the first time you've seen that portion of his manifesto being suppressed by certain outfits and focus on other things and leave it out, not even post it on their website, but, yes, it's true. you have them jumping to make an excuse here for someone who is very strongly for gun control, a big fan of certain liberal television hosts and president obama and yet, when you have something happen and there's even the slightest
5:47 pm
inkling that possibly this person might have something to do with conservative politics, there's a rush to jump to conclusion and we saw what happened in aurora with-- when james holmes immediately, somebody jumped on it it it and said he might be in the tea party, not true. we saw with jared loughner when gabby giffords was shot and not true either. we had it when a fellow flew his plane into an irs building and he released a manifesto that contained language by cart marks and that was spiked by some outlets and assumed he must be a tea party nut. >> mike: it's amazing, there's-- there's supposed to be, as joe 0 biden, called the legitimate news media and it's worse, i want to show you a clip. this is mark lamont hill and appeared on fox many times, but this week on cnn actually talking as if he's some hero,
5:48 pm
just watch. >> as far as dorner himself, like a real life super hero. and don't get me wrong, he killed many people and when you read the manifesto, he wasn't entirely crazy, many people aren't rooting for him to kill innocent people, rooting for somebody who was wrong to get a kind of revenge against the system. almost like watching django in chains in real life. kind of exciting. >> mike: unbelievable, here is a guy comparing it to some popular movie and he later made some, i think, a rather lame apology, but the fact na he ever said that on national television. david, what's happened to what ought to be an honest media that calls it fairly and objectively? >> well, you're seeing here a classic case of the media framing something. it's very hard to frame a mass murderer in a favorable way and you just heard someone true to do it and look, both
5:49 pm
sides of the political spectrum have flatheir crazyies you can you can't say a side has a monopoly on political stuff. it's sad and outrageous to see somebody who should know better go on television and act like there's something remotely redeeming or positive about what dorner did. >> on the other end of the spectrum, david. we had the incident where marco rubio gives the g.o.p. response to the state of the union. it was a great speech, but there was one moment where he reached over and got a glass of water. it was an awkward moment that he himself acknowledged was an awkward moment, probably the thing that "saturday night live" will lampoon, but, msnbc ran that 155 times. 155 times. (laughter) is there any balance here? >> you'll see the media often go out of their way to play up anything that's embarrassing or that looks bad about
5:50 pm
someone like rubio, especially, who is a conservative rock star, rising star in the republican party. and this is kind of their way of preemptively knocking somebody around, beating them up a bit so that by the time, if they ever end up in a-- you know, running for president, something like that, running for reelection, it's an opportunity to be used against them. we saw this sort of thing hyped when it it came to, you know, when it came to various gaffes that mitt romney made in the last election that i discuss in "spin master" things that were not much of a gaffe. his trip to london and remarks about security ahead of the olympics there, were what london had been going over for weeks. but here is a chance to slip around a republican, basically that's what you end up with. >> david, thanks for joining us, it's been a pleasure and i think i will lift my glass to my good friend marco rubio and say you're still one of my favorites, i think you're one
5:51 pm
of the most brilliant young men in our party and perhaps the fuf of tture of the republi. on the one side a president is ordering the killing of his own people and on the other-- can america choose sides in syria's civil war? we'll be right back. when i, if you're not whitening, you're yellowing. crest whitestrips whiten as well as $500 professional treatments. guaranteed. crest 3d white whitestrips.
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[ applause ] >> more than >> more than 150 fighters have been killed as rebels and forces loyal to syrian president assad battle for control in the syrian city of alepo in the last few days. the war in syria has killed thousands of people since it
5:55 pm
began two years ago. and why should americans care about the people. leland vittert is here. >> good to be here. >> mike: you've been covering this. does it appear that the government under assad is about to fall like in libya and egypt. >> president assad seemed to have the nine lives of the proverbial cat. and nine months ago the u.s. state department said he's gone in 36 hours and hillary clinton says his days are numbered, my day is numbered, too, how high the number is. he's supported by iran and they're sending him weapons and he's supported by russia and they're leaving him support at the united nations. he has a long way to go. >> the u.s. has not intervened in syria as we did in libya. as we did, know not militarily, but in egypt with the president of the united states coming and saying mubarak needs to go. >> what's the difference here? >> two things, you have the
5:56 pm
russian now protecting syria and the united nations and can't get the u.n. vote they tried to get. second you're learning after the third or fourth time. that the devil we know in terms of what the united states is looking at and israel is looking at is better than the devil we don't know. and the intelligence says that the syrian rebels often times have ties to al-qaeda and when you think about what libya had when the libyan revolution had. that's tonka toys with the systems ripped from hezbollah, back to the iranians, in terms of tanks, armored personnel carriers and the stakes are higher and people like the united states and saudi arabia backing off and going we may not want to see how it turns out and fight a bit amongst themselves before the rebels are going to win. >> mike: you cover some of the hot spots, syria, gaza, egypt, right on the front line and
5:57 pm
sometimes in a flak jacket. do you ever get scared doing this stuff? >> being scared is what keeps you alive. and you just hope your mom's not watching. (laughter) >> i bet she is, i bet she is. >> she does. >> mike: leland, it's great having you here. [applause] >> the sounds you're hearing maurice, virtuoso on the violin, accompanying our group in israel. the song he plays, the national song of israel. it's a word that means the hope and that's something that i think all of us would want to have for the middle east, hope. hope that there can be real peace, hope that that peace can be lasting. one of the ways that that has to happen is for reasonable, thoughtful, people of conscience and conviction to lead. earlier this week, i had the opportunity to visit with prime minister benjamin netanyahu of israel. it's my belief that if there
5:58 pm
is a churchill for our day, it is benjamin netanyahu, a person who has the historical perspective of understanding the strategic position of his own country and the volatility of the world in which that country exists. my hope is that when president obama comes, that he will also rise to the level of leadership. we need churchills. he we do not need chamberlains. people who see the world in a-- that's my hope. i hope it is yours as well. now, from tiberius in israel, you have a wonderful week, until the next time from new york, this is mike huckabee, good night and god bless. [applause]. can your longwear makeup last 'til five o'clock?
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